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For California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Maine, Tennessee, Minnesota, North Dakota, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia employees only: By clicking certify, I understand the Company provides me an unpaid and uninterrupted meal period of at least thirty (30) minutes if my work period is five hours or longer, and a second unpaid and uninterrupted meal period of at least thirty (30) minutes if I work more than 10 hours. I further understand that if my work period is less than 6 hours, I may voluntarily waive taking a meal period. And, if I work more than ten hours but less than 12 hours and took my first meal period, I may voluntarily waive my second meal period. I understand that I am entitled to a paid ten (10) minute rest period for each four hours of work or major fraction thereof. Based on the above explanation of my rights and obligations, I affirm I have been provided all meal and rest periods to which I was legally entitled to during this pay period. To the extent I took a rest period, I have reflected that time within the total hours worked for today. To the extent I did not take a meal or rest period, it is because I voluntarily waived my right to do so.
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For salaried employees: By clicking certify, you verify that all hours entered are valid.

For hourly employees: By clicking certify, you acknowledge that you have been instructed to accurately record all time worked, including but not limited to the amount of time spent driving between store visits (if applicable) and the mileage travelled between stores (if applicable), and any rest periods you took during this this pay period, on this time sheet. You also certify that the time recorded on this time sheet reflects all the time that you worked during this pay period and you affirm that you have not worked off the clock (i.e. worked any time that I did not report on this timesheet). Moreover, if you travelled between stores and do not receive a monthly auto allowance, you certify that you drove the optimized route generated by Insight Center during this pay period, or, to the extend you did not, you have accurately recorded the route you drove on this timesheet. You further affirm that the mileage reimbursement of 35 cents per mile compensates you for the costs associated with using your vehicle for such business use (not applicable for employees who receive a monthly auto allowance) .


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